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Miller STH 160L

Portable TIG inverter, 5-160A, 230V, 1-Phase

Miller ST-24w

De Miller ST-24w, ST-24wD Industrial 4-rols aluminum wirefeeders

Miller Suitcase 8/12RC

Wirefeeders SuitCase 8 / 12, with or without ArcReach.


Heavy-Industrial wirefeeders S-74S, D-74D, S-74DX, S-74 MPa, D-74Mpa

Fanuci Welder

By hand control and saving time on the running meter

Jasic TIG 315P AC/DC Multi Wave

Highly advanced ac/dc inverter with superior multi wave versatility

Jasic Pro TIG 500P AC/DC Digital

TIG gepulseerde AC/DC Lasinverter, 10-500A, 400V - 50/60Hz - 3-fase

Jasic Pro TIG 400 Pulse

TIG gepulseerde Lasinverter 5-400A, 400V - 50/60Hz 3-fase

Jasic Pro TIG 200P AC/DC

TIG AC/DC lasinverter, 5-200A, 230V - 50/60Hz - monofase

Jasic Pro TIG 200P - PFC

TIG lasinverter met puls en PFC, 10-200A, 95-270V - 50/60Hz - monofase

Jasic Pro-TIG 200

TIG lasinverter 10 - 220A, 230V - 50/60Hz, monofase

Jasic Pro TIG 180

TIG inverter, 180A, 230V - 50/60Hz - mono