Laser welding

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  • fiberlaser: Welding arc with (laser) light, no longer with electricity
  • fiber laser technique now applied manually
  • no welding helmet required, only specific welding goggles
  • clear view of the welded area and the deposited material


  • high feed rates
  • low heat input but still a deep burn-in
  • no structural changes in the basic material or in the WBZ


Fanuci Handheld Laser

  • welding of stainless steel, brass, steel, aluminum, ..

  • welding seam of very high quality

  • welds are stronger than with conventional processes

  • low distortion on thin materials

  • little or no spatter

  • joining of thin to thick material

  • no welding skills required

  • hardly any training needed for operation

  • unequalled speed compared to 'traditional' electrical processes

  • significantly lower consumption of filler metal


  • stainless steel, steel & aluminum up to 5mm
  • industrial kitchen construction
  • medical industry (scanners, appliances, ...)
  • gas and oil industry
  • precision welding of thin materials
  • spot welding of very thin material on thick material
  • food industry
  • swimming pools / edges in stainless steel

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