Stick welding machines

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welding machines for electrodes from 150 to 800 Amp.                             

machine amps primary voltage
inverter light industrial 150 1x230V
inverter industrial 200,300,400 1x230V , 3x400V
rack with 4 industrial inverters 300, 400 3x400V
rectifier heavy duty 300 3x230V, 400V
rectifier heavy duty 400,500,600 3x230V, 400V, 500V
rectifier heavy duty 800 3x230V, 400V
weldcable 25 meter
groundcable 25 meter
extention cable 25 meter for weld cable
extention cable 25 meter for groundcable
extention cable 25 meter 230V CE 3 fase
remote control 25 meter
extention cable for remote control 25 meter
TIG-extention kit: with HF. + HF unit +Tig-torch + regulator + groundcable
TIG-extention kit: without HF. +Tig-torch + regulator + groundcable



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