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Jasic Pro-Arc 400

Electrode lasinverter 30 - 400V, AC 400V 50/60Hz, 3-phase

Jasic Pro-Arc 200 PFC

Elektrode lasinverter,

Jasic Pro-Arc 180 PFC

Elektrode lasinverter 10 - 180A, 115V, 230V

Jasic Pro-Arc 160 PFC

Electrode Weld inverter, 115V: 10-125, 230V: 10-160

Firefly bug

The firefly’s unique features combine to give you a smarter welding machine


Straight from drawing to finished product, thanks to its optical eye.

Zinser 1215

CNC controlled gantry cutting machine for oxy-fuel and plasma cutting.


The guiding machine ZINSER 1225 is ideal for combined oxy-fuel and plasma cutting.

Zinser 1425

The machine ZINSER 1425 has been developped specially for precision plasma cutting.

Zinser 1425

Exceptionally robust design and digitally controlled AC-motors


High value guiding machine for oxy-fuel and plasma cutting, ideal for combined cutting tasks.