TIP-TIG-Weld by hand

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TIPTIG is a welding technology from Krenglbach in Austria. Since 2000, a special wire feed system has been used in all kinds of technologies in this industry for TIG welding. Until 2007, the system was sold on the market as a dynamic TIG cold wire system. Welding speeds of 30 - 35 cm/min and a rate of deposition of 1.3 - 1.5 kg/h were perfectly feasible.

To achieve even more quality and quantity in welding production, the TIPTIG HW System was then launched on the market. Compared to the TIPTIG CW process, a considerable increase in production effectiveness was then achieved. Customers have reported a 300-400% increase in quantity with even better quality.

With the TiPTiG HDMT technology, we have set new benchmarks in all welding applications. Sales of almost 4,000 systems worldwide are proof of our technology and have made us specialists in the field of TIG cold and hot wire welding.

Process Description

The continuous linear forward motion of the welding wire, which is created by the infinitely adjustable wire feed, is overlapped by a simultaneously continuous FORWARD/BACKWARD motion. The overlapping of the two motions results in a kinematic energy that sets the weld pool in dynamic motion, ensuring safe processing.. In addition, the welding wire is now heated by a power supply. This is done by resistance heating of the filler material when it touches the melting bath.

Processing Technologies

TIPTIG High Speed Edition Manual HW/CW
TIPTIG High Speed Edition Automation HW/CW
TIPTIG High Speed Edition Orbital HW/CW
TIPTIG High Speed Edition Robotic HW/CW

Processing Advantages

  • TIG quality: best metallurgical values, X-ray proof
  • Very low emissions
  • Easy installation on all TIG machines
  • Welding at MAG speed - very low heat input - low shrinkage stress - little distortion
  • Parameters are easy to reproduce digitally
  • Welding in any position without changing the parameters
  • Root welding on pipes, even in an overhead position
  • Two-handed torch guidance - easier in difficult welding positions + less manual skill required of welder
  • Effortless welding - consistently good quality - reduced danger of accidents in the workplace
  • Increase in melting power and welding speed as compared to conventional TIG hand welding by 300 - 400%

Areas of use

  • Offshore gas and oil industry
  • Pipeline construction
  • Apparatus construction
  • Container and boiler construction
  • Food plant construction
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Metal and façade construction
  • Heating and ventilation engineering
  • Automobile industry


  • Low and medium alloy steel
  • High alloy steel – duplex and super duplex steel
  • Nickel-based alloys
  • Copper and copper alloys
  • Galvanised materials
  • Special alloys, e. g. titanium, Ni36, Inconel, CuNiFe, Hastelloy
  • Aluminium (cold wire only)


Would you like to find out more about the possibilities this fascinating technology offers? Then please contact us. We’d be pleased to advise you!

Why TiPTiG?

Because we are the evolution in TIG welding!

What counts most today is efficiency: becoming ever faster, yet with the best possible quality. That is exactly what we supply with our TiPTiG technology!

The general TIG process offers top quality results for all welding applications. However, due to physical properties, the welding speed and output are not very high. TiPTiG offers you the solution for these problems. By applying TiPTiG’s HDMT technology, you can carry out TIG welding at the speed of MIG/MAG, even faster in difficult positions. Furthermore, the TIG process will become even more safe and simple.

t is now possible to complete all of the welding applications in your company using just one technology. Brilliantly simple – simply brilliant!

TiPTiG’s HDMT process increases your productivity by over 300%! Furthermore, using TiPTiG will increase safety for your employees and ensure significantly less harmful emissions.

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