PipeWorx 350 FieldPro™-systeem

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Optimized for pipe fabrication shops. Quick Process Changeover no need to manually switch polarity or cables and hoses between processes. Simply push a process selection button to choose a welding process. PipeWorx ‘Quick-Select’ technology automatically selects the welding process, the correct polarity, cable outputs and welding parameters. Quick process changeover eliminates set-up time for switching cables and gas hoses. Also, reduces the risk of weld reworks due to incorrect cable connection.
The Pipeworkx is a Multiprocess Machine, the Weld processes are optimized to deliver superior arc performance and stability specifically for root pass, fill and cap pipe welding. Includes conventional Stick, DC TIG (Lift-Arc™ or HF Start), Flux-Cored and MIG welding processes. Also features the advanced RMD® and Pulsed MIG processes that deliver superior quality welds, increase productivity, and reduce rework and training.

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