Miller Invision 450 MPa

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Miller Invision 350 MPa

Synergic Puls MIG welder 15-600A, Auto-Line™ 208-575V, 3-Phase

MIG and synergic Pulse MIG system with optimized welding programs for steel and aluminum. Particularly suitable for Aluminum, with the Mig pulse it can weld very thin aluminum.

Input Power 400 V 3 fasen
Rated output 450 A bij 36.5 VDC, 100 %
Max Open Circuit Voltage 90 VDC
Voltage Range (CV-mode) 10-38 V
Ampere Range (CC-mode) 15-600 A
Dimensions 438 x 368 x 689 mm
Weight 55,3 Kg
MPa: M (MIG), P (Pulse), a (Advanced Arc Control). Advanced arc control improved pulse weld. In particular, this source provides a more robust and stable arc on a very low arc length, reduces heat input, and provides the ability to weld a wide range of material thickness.
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