Milelr XMT 350 MPa

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Miller XMT 350 MPa

Outstanding multiprocess inverter with built-in features. Synergic. Pulse programms. Auto-Line provides link-free primary power operation.

Portability and excellent arc performance make the XMT family the most popular in the industry. The XMT 350 CC/CV is the most popular model for its flexibility and simplicity.

Input Power: 230 - 460 VAC

Rated Output: 350 A, 60% Duty Cycle

Max Open Circuit Voltage: 75 VDC

Voltage Range (CV mode): 10 - 38 VDC

Amperage Range (CC mode): 5 - 425 A

Dimensions: 432 x 318 x 610 mm

Weight: 36.3 kg

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