DHI-4F inverter induction heater

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The DHI-4F is a portable workshop induction heater with integrated water cooling for the induction heater and replaceable induction coil extenders.
The induction heater DHI-4F has a number of innovative features for efficient and quick heating of bolts, nuts, shafts, bearings, sections, round steel, sheets, etc. The DHI-4F has a fluent power control within a range of 10-100 % and a clear display showing presets and readings. Besides, it has a timer for simply selecting desired heating time, which combined with the controlled power mode enables relatively accurate and repeatable
heating with controlled heat introduction, i.e., heating to a set temperature.

Its high power capacity, small dimensions and light weight make the DHI-4F ideal for workshops, car repair shops, general repairs, production, maintenance and industry. A significant advantage of the DHI-4F compared to other heating methods is its safety, simplicity and high speed of heating and application, particularly compared to flame heating. Moreover, the use of the DHI-4F induction heater is clean and environmentally friendly.

Uses of induction heater DHI-4F

  • Automotive, railway and shipbuilding industry, production, mechanical, servicing workshops, repair shops, assembly plants, heating and plumbing, home workshops, etc.
  • Production, repair, renovation, maintenance.
  • Workshops requiring heating of bolts, round steel, sections, sheets, bearings, bushes, drive shafts, hinges, nuts, pipes, cogwheels, bearing mountings, shafts, lambda probes, parts
    and components of machines and cars, exhaust systems, belt pulleys, sleeves, etc.
  • Heating tools and parts for hardening, gluing, soldering.
  • Defrosting.
  • Same applications as gas and oxy acetylene burners.

Advantages of induction heater DHI-4F

  • Mobility – weight only 13.5 kg, including water cooling, small dimensions – size of a small welding machine.
  • Output 3.5 or 4.5 kVA, respectively, high loading factor.
  • Easy use – burner length 2 m.
  • Flexibility and ease of use – connects anywhere, power supply 1x 230 V, easy and quick preparation.
  • Versatile uses of pre-heating – for shaped, flat, circular, positioned or standard components.
  • Modern and affordable method of workshop heating.


  • Mobility – weighs only 12 kg in a compact size with water cooler comparable to a small welding machine.
  • Capacity 3 kW, high load factor.
  • Easy handling and access – coil connecting cable length of 3 m and 5 m with a small carrying handle.
  • Flexibility and simple operation – it may be connected anywhere to the power grid with a single 230 V connection, simple and quick preparation.
  • Versatile heating elements for every application – for shaped, flat, circular, positioned or standard parts.
  • State-of-the-art and affordable method of workshop heating.
  • Multifunction display showing up to 10 parameters.
  • Smooth power adjustment 10-100 %.
  • Timer and factory settings features.
  • Remote control connector – pedal, ON/OFF button, PC.
  • USB for software upgrades.
  • Constant magnetic field (CF) mode.
  • Constant heating power (CP) mode.


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