BDS MABasic 400

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The made in Germany, 35 mm dia. drilling and ideal for twist drilling economical magnetic broach cutter machine.High performance - low price. BDS Maschinen is looking to fill a gap with this new magnetic broach cutter machine concept for professional users who cannot compromise on quality or performance, but who are able to forgo comfort and fittings for the benefit of good prices. Powerful & Reliable, Internal lubrication system, Compact and lightweight, MABasic 400 magnetic broach cutter machine can drill up to 1-1/2" dia., 9.5 Amp double-insulated motor, 3/4" direct arbor Uses annular cutters, Twist drilling up to 3/4" dia.; 6-1/3" stroke with chuck, With a 1/2" chuck, the MABasic 400 easily converts to standard drill press with a 6-1/3" stroke for conventional twist drills.

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