Rotolift Positioners

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ROTOLIFT is a 3 axis hydraulic positioner and handler specifically designed for assembling and welding operations. Thanks to its functional features, the machine considerably reduces the moving of the workpiece and therefore the use of traditional lifting systems.

ROTOLIFT is an ergonomic machine featuring great flexibility. Its innovative feature is the possibility not only to tilt and rotate the workpiece, but also to lift and lower it.

Positioners with loading capacity up to 100.000 kg available upon request.

In 2 versions:

  • HYDRAULIC: hydraulic lifting, titling and rotaion
  • ELETRIC: hydraulic lifting and titling, electromechanic rotation by means of power-ventilated vectorial inverter


  • Reduction of weldments handling time
  • Minor use of traditional lifting equipment
  • Safer and more ergonomic working enviroment
  • Lifting, titling and rotation of a weldment on a single machine
  • Improvement of welding quality
  • Fast return on investment (ROI)
  • Simplified welding precedure specifications (WPS)
  • 3 axis: elevation, rotation, titling

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