Plymovent UltraFlex

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The UltraFlex offers essential ease of operation during welding operations whereby the position of the extraction arm has to be frequently adjusted.


The BalanceWheel system keeps maintenance to a minimum and immediately converts each manual adjustment to the arm into a stable extraction position. The UltraFlex is available in arm length from 3 up to 4 m and have an extraction capacity of 600 - 1600 m3/h. The UltraFlex is suitable for both mobile and stationary welding fume extraction systems.


Low ceilings

The UltraFlex-4/LC (LC=Low Ceiling) is a wall-mounted flexible extraction arm with a rotatable hood RotaHood. The arm is provided with the BalanceWheel spring balance system for ultra-light, user friendly positioning of the arm.
The UltraFlex-4/LC is particularly suitable to be mounted under low ceilings (minimum: 2500 mm/100 in.)


  • Balance wheel, friction-free spring-supported balance system that compensates the weight of the arm and allows ultra light repositioning of the arm
  • Low maintenance requirement substantially less than "friction" based arms
  • RotaHood 360-degree friction free rotatable extraction hood for easy positioning
  • Light impact resistant industrial plastic tubes
  • Standard Ø 200 mm smooth tubes to allow high capacity against low pressure drop
  • Low ceiling version

Recommended for

  • Maintenance and production welding
  • Workbench applications
  • Low ceilings
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