Gullco KAT

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The Gullco KAT® which has been used throughout the world for decades has been re-engineered to be smaller and lighter than previous models, yet robust and feature rich. These engineered features include:

    • Tool-less Setup, Adjustment & Operation
    • Self-aligning Wheels (Easy Installation)
    • Dynamic Dovetail Racking for versatile torch positioning
    • Quick clutch mechanism
    • OSHA Safety Orange
    • Ingress Protection (Sealed Unit) including Conformal Coated Circuit Boards
    • Energy Efficient
  • Universal Compatibility to all welding power sources and wire feeders
  • Torch holder memory for fast torch removal and accurate repositioning after cleaning
  • Compatible with all existing rigid track and the new semi rigid track sections


Weight: 17 lb (7.7 kg)

Speed Range: 2.5 - 83.1 cm/min ( 1 - 32.7 IPM)

Racking Weight: 9 lb (4 kg)

Power Requirements: 42 VAC, 115 VAC, 230 VAC Models available.

Vertical Capacity: 56 lb (25.4 kg)


DYNAMIC RACKING: Using a machined dovetail racking system and locking rack box, torch positioning is versatile and adjustable. The rack box can be positioned anywhere along the racking and torch removal and adjustment is simple.

SELF-ALIGNING WHEELS: Self-aligning wheels means the carriage is mounted to the track correctly and easily every time. This ensures smooth carriage motion and maximizes the life of the track.

TORCH HOLDER MEMORY: The torch holder has been designed for quick and easy removal of the torch so that cleaning and accurate repositioning of the welding torch in the optimal position is simple and consistent.

PADDLE LOCKS: Quick installation paddle locks provide smooth transition of the self-aligning wheels onto the track.

MACHINE UNDERCARRIAGE: Lightweight design engineered for optimal setup times utilizing the self-aligning wheels and paddle lock technology.

SEMI RIDGID TRACK:Semi rigid track is made from precision extruded aluminum and a securely affixed steel rack. The interchangeable end design enables fast accurate joining of the track sections and provides smooth movement of the carriage along the track in both flat and curved surfaces. Flexiblity between 0 - 20’ (0 - 6.1m) ID/OD.

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