Zinser 4025B / 4125B / 4026B / 4126B

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With this Cutting Machinery Generation requirements of our customers became consequently realized.
The extraordinary robust design, linked with a high stiffness, precise linear guides (ball rail systems) on the gantry bridge and a heavy duty runway, based on milled railway profiles S 49, guarantee the very best quality and a long duration of life.
Excellent and powerful digitally controlled AC-drive systems with high precision planetary gears as well as selected racks give the ZINSER 4025B / ZINSER 4125B and ZINSER 4026B / ZINSER 4126B excellent motion characteristics, even at higher speeds.
The result of all these features is an outstanding cutting quality. By use of a wide number of tools and additional components the ZINSER cutting systems match the customer’s cutting task perfectly. The ZINSER 4025B / ZINSER 4026B is available in track widths up to 5.600mm. The ZINSER 4125B / 4126B is available in track widths up to 10.100 mm.
Therefore the ZINSER 4125B and ZINSER 4126B have an even more robust and higher gantry bridge and longer longitudinal carriers.
Up to 12 torch carriers can be mounted on each gantry bridge.
The ZINSER 4026B and the ZINSER 4126B are equipped with an additional cantilever for the machining of pipes or beams.

Basic scope of delivery

Gantry bridge

  • - High precision bridge, welded structure, produced according to most modern standards
  • - Double ball rail systems for torch / tool carriers

Track / Y-Drive

  • - Bilateral AC servo drive 3 x 400 V
  • - Perfect running smoothness, high angle accuracy by the use of  selected racks and precise planetary gears
  • - Hardened drive pinions
  • - Adjustable contact pressure of the drive pinions

Drive Carriage / X-Drive

  • - AC-servo drive via rack and pinion 3 x 400 V
  • - Slave carriages are clamped on CrNi steel wire
  • - Motorized torch height control with 4 quadrant regulator


  • - SPS-controlled fume extraction tables, cartridge filter systems with pneumatic cleaning
  • - External CAD / CAM Nesting software
  • - Network link
  • - Adaptation to customer’s requirements possible anytime

Upgrade Components


  • - Digital piercing unit with database for plate thickness up to 200 mm
  • - Electrical ignition unit
  • - Automatic torch height control
  • - Automatic torch positioning (for multi-torch use)
  • - Single or triple torch beveling devices
  • - Single torch addressing


  • - CNC controlled data communication to plasma power source with automatic gas console, cutting data is sent directly from the CNC controller to the system (database) with automatic setting
  • - Arc voltage height control with data connection and automatic communication
  • - Full or semi-automatic beveling devices

Machining of pipes and beams (only 4026B / 4126B):

  • - Cantilever up to 2.000 mm
  • - Rotating axis for pipes up to 1.000 mm diameter

Marking units:

  • - Plasma marking
  • - Inkjet
  • - Needle marking
  • - Drilling unit
  • - Punching unit
  • - Powder marking

CNC-Drilling units:

  • - For holes up to 40 mm diameter (in plate of 100 mm)
  • - Automatic tool changer for drilling unit
  • - With broken drill detection device

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