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Zinser 1425

The machine ZINSER 1425 has been developped specially for precision plasma cutting. In association with high-performance plasma units, the machine obtains an optimal cutting quality. 
The consistent lightweight construction on the gantry as well as a low center of gravity enable to cut parts with extreme high contour fidelity at maximum speed. 
The integrated cutting table with high efficient surface exhaustion (filter / fan in option) ensures that all requirements concerning air-pollution and protection of environment are fulfilled..

Basic Hardware
- Gantry machine with integrated cutting table
- CNC-controller (floor mounted type)

Additional Components
- Plasma power sources
- Plasma interlock and dialogue system

Technical data    

Working range (width x length)

Machine range (width x length)

Height of the cutting table

Total height

Cutting thickness

Input Voltage

1500 x 3000 mm 

2600 x 4250 mm

~700 mm

~1900 mm

up to 30 mm

400 VAC / 50 Hz

2000 x 4000 mm

3100 x 5300 mm






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