Zinser 2025

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With this new cutting machinery generation, requirements of our customers became consequently realized. High value guiding machine for oxy-fuel and plasma cutting, ideal for combined cutting tasks. Dual side rack and pinion drive system (helical) via AC - servo motors for the X- and Y - axes.

Basic scope of delivery
- On board CNC-controller left or right 
- Machine cutting torch for up to 100 (200) mm material thickness

Track width mm (C):
Machine width mm (D):
Working width mm (3 torch):
Machine length mm (E):
Max. number of torch carriers: 
Cutting thickness: 
Power supply:
2100 / 2600 /3100 mm
C + 800 mm
C - 600 mm
working length (B) + 1500 mm
up to 100 (200) mm
AC servo motors
3 x 400 VAC / 50 HZ


Optional equipment
- Automatic piercing unit with fast-preheat function via proportional valves including central gas control
- Automatic ignition unit
- Motorized torch height control and capacitive height control
- Additional machine cutting torches
- Plasma power sources
- Plasma interlock and dialogue system

Track / Y-Drive
- AC servo drive via rack and pinion
- Perfect running smoothness and high angle accuracy by use of selected racks and precise planetary gears
- Hardened drive pinions

Drive Carriage / X-Drive
- AC-drive via rack and pinion
- Slave carriages are clamped on steel band
- Motorized torch height control

Gantry bridge
- High precision bridge, produced according to most modern standards 

- Linear guidance for torch carriers

- PLC controlled fume extraction tables, cartridge filter systems with pneumatic cleaning

The ZINSER controller CNC 4010 and the guiding machine ZINSER 2025 are perfectly matched. As the user interface is very easy to handle the features of the machine will be optimally used. The ZINSER programming system MCC and the integration of the CNC control into your network (intranet) minimizes the time between the CAD and the cut workpiece.


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