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Imagine a TIG Welding system that blitzes traditional welding speeds, uses no filler material or edge preparation up to 16mm thickness in Titanium and reduces consumables to a fraction of the cost. Imagine this system is fully automated, for perfect welds of superior quality, with limited operator experience. Now stop imagining... Keyhole TIG is a commercial reality now!  To take advantage of this revolutionary technology today... 

What is K-TIG?

K-TIG is a single-pass, full-penetration keyhole welding technology which performs a 6 hour TIG weld in under 3 minutes - just 1% of the time normally required. The average cost saving of K-TIG customers is between 80 and 95 percent.

K-TIG is a GTAW process which requires no edge bevelling, uses as little as 10% of the gas normally required and produces highly repeatable, x-ray quality welds with superb cap and root aesthetics.

What are the benefits?

Dramatic productivity gains. Dramatic cost reductions. K-TIG routinely delivers savings in excess of 90%. Yes, you read that correctly.

K-TIG has 8x the penetration of GTAW, allowing it to perform x-ray quality welds in materials up to 5/8 inch (16mm) thick in a single pass, without the need for edge beveling.

How K-TIG works

K-TIG combines the high quality and cleanliness of GTAW with a depth of penetration that is unmatched by conventional gas-tungsten arc, gas metal arc or plasma welding processes.

The K-TIG keyhole which is opened through the joint is inherently stable, and operates over a very wide range of welding currents. Setup times are nominal and operation is extremely straightforward.


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