I-Weld Easy

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The i-WELD EASY is a plug & play robot welding cell that is delivered ready to the customer. The machine has a fully enclosed casing, such as a machining center, and also works in an analogous manner. Operators can clamp a workpiece on a turntable, after which the entire welding process is automatic.

The i-WELD EASY has been developed in function of user-friendliness and flexibility. As soon as the machine is delivered to the customer, one can start welding immediately. It is a total solution where the knowledge and service of a number of renowned partners is brought together.

The welding cell can be used for both large and small series. A mold is placed on the machine exchange table for clamping the workpieces. This is provided with a code so that the cell automatically recognizes which robot program to use when a product change takes place.

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